Oooooookkkkkkkkk…………cum makes me gag…I’ve always been turned on by the thought of giving a blowjob, swallowing and all that, but it sucks! Especially when you aren’t in control and he wants deep throat…I’m sorry but that kinda hurts…and the taste of cum is disgusting and gross…I can deal with the rest of it, but not the taste…ICK…

On top of that, time restraints suck too…I’ve been with him numerous times, butt this is the first time he has actually came….I have still yet to be satisfied…tonight, I finally took some initiative to the whole ordeal and got a little more pleasure, but I’ve still yet to finish. All he wants is bjs and straight business…I like kissing and foreplay, but he’s the only one that really gets the foreplay, aka bjs…

I LOVE the cuddles I get, but he always chooses the time when I am just starting to really enjoy myself to initiate them…damn it…

Sigh…small rant over…I really do love my boyfriend and enjoy the time I get to spend with him, but it sucks being left unsatisfied. That being said, he just left and I miss him already…just wanted to get my thoughts out to someone and Tumblr’s the best place for that, so here it is…Thanks for listening…even though it’s more than I would ever say aloud and more than you probably wanted to hear.

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f(x): color focus

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016 | 100 photos of Lee Jinki.

016 | 100 photos of Lee Jinki.

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I love when he does this.

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This right here.

This is the downfall of society. Nobody, and I mean nobody, should have the right to look this attractive. This is a danger to the functioning of humanity. Your cheeks make you look like one of those hand-painted China dolls, and how the shit does your hair curl perfectly every day? Who put you in those pants? The only thing that could possibly make this picture even more attractive is if you conquered your fear of colors for ten seconds. 

oh god … I scrolled up and down seriously five times …. don’t regret it …

I love the way his eyes crinkle at the edges when he smiles. It’s adorable.

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"we want to be good role models [for rookies]” - Minho

"we want to be good role models [for rookies]” - Minho

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